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"As Congolese musicians, we have to learn to live a united and affectionate life for the sound development of our culture. We've got all the same mission: To defend Congolese music abroad." Tshala Muana interview with Visa Newspaper

Elizabeth Tshala Muana Muidikay, a.k.a La Reine de Mutuashi (Queen of Mutuashi) or Kasa wa Mutshanda was born in Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo on May 13, 1958. Her debut in music came in 1977 as a dancer for the band Tsheke Tsheke Love.

In 1982, she became a singer and embarked on a solo career, enjoying much success over the next 20 years. To date, she has produced 19 solo albums. In 2002, she created a group of her own, Dynastie Mutuashi. She won the prestigious Kora award in 2003 for best female artist from Central Africa. She was absent from the Kora Awards and not able to receive her award in person due to economic shortcomings. Tshala admitted in an interview that she and her musicians needed $4000 just for the airline tickets to fly to South Africa to attend the Kora Awards. Not to mention the visas, board and lodging. Koffi Olomide a fellow musician from Democratic Republic of Congo was lucky to receive 10 plane tickets from the organizers. Some artists were taken care of by their own governments, she recalls such as those from Gabon. Where as in Democratic Republic of Congo, when you make a request for assistance, the only answer you always get is, "There's no money!"

Tshala in her heydays young and simply stunning

As the leading singer of Mutuashi, the Afro-Cuban-influenced dance music of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Tshala Muana is known for her sensuous stage outfits and extremely sexy dancing. The Baluba folk music tradition has also played an important role in the development of Tshala’s sound. Her favourite stars include Emedo Wabafike, Jojo Kashama and all other good musicians contributing to the development of Congolese music. Her ambition is to become a great producer and to set up a large ultra-modern studio in Kinshasa to record and form young musicians.

Tshala Muana accompanied by her daughter at Joseph Kabila's Presidential Inauguration Ceremony in the Democratic Republic of Congo in December 6, 2006
Photo by Issa Michuzi

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Anonymous said...

Hello Liz,

Tshala Muana, Abeti Maskini and Mbilia Bel are the greatest female artists ever from the D.R.C. However, I didn't like how she(Tshala) used to expose her private parts while performing on the stage.

I remember one newspaper in the D.R.C had once called her "muana mabe" (bad girl) due to her unbecoming behaviour in public!

Lakini bado nampenda!