Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Passion, patience, and perfection are the three things that come to mind when viewing the breath taking and stunning photos by Michael Poliza. I am a great fan of Michael's picturesque work. He possesses the unique ability to capture stunning images with such skill and grace. Michael Poliza's work serves as constant reminder of the true beauty that is Africa, ever so rich and diverse.

For the lovers of beautiful photography on Africa, and Michael Poliza's work his publishers Teneues are giving away some goodies! Here is your chance to enter and win a FREE Michael Poliza There you can enter his Twitter contest to win one of his books. Just capture what one of his photos means to you in a tweet, and win your very own Poliza book.

You also have the chance to interact with this multi-faceted photographer on his new microsite.


Michael Poliza has been around the world providing us with breath taking aerial views above multiple fascinating continents. From Africa to Antarctica he has never escaped a chance to share his view of the world with all of us.

When the New York Times reviewed Michael Poliza’s first book on Africa, the writer said, “it might change the way you think about photography.” Poliza is a man accustomed to raising the bar: from actor to entrepreneur, expedition leader, tourism consultant and professional photographer, he has lived a varied and adventurous life, excelling in all of these wildly diverse environments. Poliza has lived multiple lives forming his lens on the world. His ambition led him around the globe more than once, photographing several of these expeditions. Michael Poliza’s first coffee table book focused on the journeys and discoveries of the Starship Millennium Voyage. Quickly becoming a bestseller, it sold more than 50,000 copies. Michael was one of the pioneering photographers to embrace digital photography, and his Starship book was the very first coffee table book to carry more than 50% digital content.

That expedition over, he returned to the continent that had stolen his heart: Africa. His book by that name was released to massive acclaim around the world in July 2006. Published by art photography specialists teNeues (, this was one of the most talked-about photography titles of the time and was voted one of “The Best Coffee-Table Books of 2006” by ABC-TV’s Good Morning America.

Following his stunning photo-safari in Africa and an unprecedented helicopter voyage from Europe to Africa in Eyes over Africa, the award-winning photographer ventured to the Polar Regions. There he captured photos of the frozen paradise for his book Antarctic, a tribute to life in the Polar Regions. After his time in Antarctica he returned to Hamberg opening his own gallery and the Michael Poliza Photography enterprise.

In December 2009 he was named as an ambassador of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Unable to stay away from Africa for too long, Poliza returned to capture first hand the opportunity to celebrate the first ever World Cup on African soil. So a new plan was quickly hatched: head back to South Africa for just a few months. Leading to a new coffee table book for 2010: SOUTH AFRICA.