Wednesday, May 16, 2007


First Lady Toure Lobbo Traore Mali

First Lady Chantal Biya Cameroon

First Lady Salma Kikwete Tanzania

First Lady Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba Gabon

First Lady Lucy Kibaki Kenya

First Lady Jeannette Kagame Rwanda

First Lady Suzanne Mubarak Egypt

First Lady Janet Museveni Uganda

First Lady Vivian Wade Senegal

First Lady Grace Marufu Mugabe Zimbabwe, 40 years President Mugabe junior and with whom he already had two children before his first wife death Sally Hayfron, in a tribal ceremony. Abandoning his previous claim of a Christian background, Mugabe justified the marriage under a traditional African law which allows him to take a junior wife.Grace Marufu Mugabe has three children: Bona, Robert Peter Jr. and Bellarmine Chatunga. As first lady, she has been the subject of much criticism for her lifestyle. Asked how she justified travelling to Europe to spend thousands on Ferragamo shoes while her people starved, she replied simply: "I have very narrow feet, so I wear only Ferragamo."

First Lady Zineb Jammeh Gambia

First Lady Zanele Mbeki South Africa

First Lady Marie Olive Kabila Democratic Republic of Congo

First Lady Dos Santos Angola

First Lady Chantal Compaoré Burkina Faso

First Lady Adelcia Pires Cape Verde

First Lady Simone Ehiver Gbagbo Cote d'Ivoire

First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa Zambia with First Lady of Ivory Coast Gbagbo


Anonymous said...

Hello Liz,

Thank you for these nice pictures of our African mothers. Is Somalia's Abdulllahi Yusuf married? He has been a warlod for ages and I wonder what kind of wandering life his family has passed!

Liz, there are some few other comments under postings below, they might have been overlooked! However, sorry for placing a burden on you!



Habari Tanzania Boy,

I didn't consider Somalia the reason being its a territory in turmoil with no government. The names of the first ladies were obtained from the respective government websites. I have not covered all of the African countries first ladies so there will be a sequel.Coming soon.....:)))


Anonymous said...

Thank you Liz.


Jeff Msangi said...

I loved this series of first ladies.May be next time you can as well cover what do they actually do in terms of pushing for development,gender issues,equality,justice,children etc.

Anonymous said...

Liz, on the list that continues don't forget to add the only and the first 'first man' in Africa (Liberia)


Hi Agie,

You know that is a very very good idea ...however I have bad news for you...
President Johnson-Sirleaf, is a divorcee whose ex-husband died a few years ago, is the mother of four sons and has six grandchildren. So no 'First Man'


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
So sorry to hear that.
Anyway,well done..I salute you!

Anonymous said...

Great job! This is an impressive collection of formidable (and in a few cases, controversial) African women. If you're still posting the continent's first ladies, could you post Sierra Leone's Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma. She is a laboratory chemist turned nurse, and mother of two college-aged daughters.


Part 2 of African First Ladies will be up by the end of the day stay tuned;))))

Ciaa said...

I love lobbo Traore from Mali she is very beautiful and sophisticated

Anonymous said...

hello! This post is very beautiful! There are some photos of first ladies of other African first ladies, such as Niger , Togo, Mauritania, Guinea, etc? I'm Mamadou from Niger!

Vincent said...

First lady of Mali, how old would she be/ Would she be born in the 1960s or same or similar age as Paul Kagame. Salma Kikwete somebody try to extrapolate by saying she was born in 1963 though.