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Nationality, Senegalese. Born: Dongo Buti, Niger, 1956. Mother: Nigerian, father, Senegalese. It is easier to describe Ismaël Lô as a "West African" than to pin him to national boundaries. So too with the music of this multi-instrumentalist, which draws on influences including the Wolof and Mandingo cultures of West Africa, and the R & B, Folk, and Soul of the West.

Ismaël Lô has created a modern mbalax sound, and an identity as a songwriter with words and message for a modern Africa. He began his musical career as a solo singer, performing with guitar and harmonica before joining the group Super Diamano de Dakar, as lead vocalist and guitarist in 1979.

Lô spent the period 1979 - 1984 with Super Diamano, before opting for a solo career. He then spent time studying in Spain and France, and recorded three albums, including the LP "Tajabone" for the French label, Barclay. The album ISO was recorded in 1994, and produced by top Parisian Producer, Ibrahima Sylla for Island / Mango France.

Ismaël Lô is also a painter, and as an actor, plays the principle role in "Afrique mon Afrique", a musical movie about Aids in West Africa.

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