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Lucky Dube born 1964 is a South African reggae musician from Johannesburg. Lucky was born on a small farm outside the town of Ermelo which is 150 kilometers west of Johannesburg.

Lucky's birth was indeed a blessing for after a few failed pregnancy attempts by his mother Sarah, Lucky was born. Giving birth to a boy was considered a blessing and his mother considered his birth so fortunate that she aptly named him ‘Lucky’. Born into a single parent family, Lucky's childhood years as a black boy born into poverty and with the Group Areas Act and the Pass Laws in effect at that time in South Africa during apartheid, many families relocation was restricted, therefore children grew up not knowing their fathers at all, as they were often forced to leave home to find work in the cities.

Lucky was somewhat relieved he did not get to know his heavily drinking father when he was younger as he is certain it would have influenced him and swayed his career. To this day it is alleged Lucky has only been drunk once, as a young boy, after being tricked at a party. This was an awful experience that he now swears off alcohol, cigarettes and drugs completely.

Lucky excelled at school and although his situation at home was dire, he discovered his passion for music whilst in school. As part of the school choir, he was a natural performer and his singing popularity amongst his teachers and peers grew dramatically and Lucky was now finding school to a safe haven in his life.

Lucky was to later join the music group 'The Love Brothers' who played a traditional Zulu music known as Mbaqanga. Motivated by first-hand experiences of apartheid’s oppression in South Africa, and inspired by the controversial lyrics of Peter Tosh, a youthful Lucky Dube made the switch from traditional Zulu Mbaquanga music to reggae music. His first reggae album, ‘Rasta Never Die’ (1986), was banned from the radio by the then all-white South African government. But Lucky Dube was destined for success, and was to become one of South Africa’s biggest artists, and a freedom fighter in his own right.

Lucky has to date recorded over 20 albums in English, Zulu and Afrikaans.

His latest releases, ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Respect’ features his unique blend of impassioned vocals, potent lyrics and roots reggae rhythms.


  • Full names are Lucky Philip Dube.
  • Lucky does not drink or smoke cigarettes or marijuana despite the reputation most Rastafarians bear.
  • He loathes dogs due to being attacked by one as a child.
  • His touring band was called The Slaves.
  • He holds the record for having the longest product endorsement for a musician ever in South Africa - The product was Ace Maize Meal.
  • He is the only South African artist to have a record signed to Motown Records.
  • Lucky recorded a duet with Sinead O’Connor over the internet.
  • His favourite bands are Toto, Bruce Hornsby and Aerosmith.
  • He has won over 20 awards for his musical contribution - both in South Africa and internationally.
  • He has been using the same sound engineer since he started recording music, Dave Segal, the same man who also accompanies him on every tour.
  • He is a big fan of horses, owning several of his own on his farm in Kwa-Zulu Natal.
  • He has a room in his house, which holds nothing but his piano - it is here he writes his music.
  • His favourite movies are horror and mafia movies.
  • He was the first South African to have an enhanced CD released.

'Ding Ding
'I've Got You Babe To Make Feel Alright'
'Together as One'
'Put A Little Love'
'Different Colours, One People'

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