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Al Noor City is located in the south-west of Sudan’s capital city Khartoum, on the west bank of the White Nile, just a few kilometers before it seamlessly blends with the Blue Nile and continues its journey north to the Mediterranean.

The idyllic location of Al Noor City borders the Nile for 46km, promising a riverside location for virtually all residents, and offering over 137 million square meters of commercial, residential and leisure facilities. Universities, schools, shops, restaurants, sporting amenities, and a variety of health facilities ensure Al Noor City is a truly cosmopolitan environment, offering something for everyone.

A kaleidoscope of zones have been designed, each one with a different function. Specific business areas are defined, as are residential and retail areas, hotels and entertainment venues, all promising the ultimate convenience. Residential areas are protected from traffic by noise-limiting ‘green belts’, and with landscaping representing 40% of the development, lush-green areas are abundant.

The City is conveniently located just 10km from Khartoum international airport, and only 5km from the planned new airport on the western bank. A comprehensive road network will link the development with the local cities of Omduran, Bahri and Khartoum, and with two new bridges to the East Bank of the Nile.

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Main Contractors:

Grand Investment Holdings

Grand Investment Holdings is a leading expertise Sudanese company dealing in constructions, Residential complexes and buildings , our mission is to serve customers with quality construction services, Grand's collaborative team working as one part develop, design, and construct each project equipped with huge capabilities . The company staff of engineers, consultants is competent and high skilled cadres to ensure offering distinctive services all over Sudan , considering environment & Health as main targets. In a unique deal with the Kuwaiti Real State Greater Scheme undertakes the execution of ALNOOR City Project. This project consider to be as one of its kind in Sudan which witnesses nowadays an spectacular growth in buildings & construction arena ,for this Grand Investment Holding CO-LTD with complete agreement with the Ministry of Public Planning and Utilities - Khartoum State double the efforts to made ALNOOR scheme a real

Grand Realstate Projects Co.

Khartoum Council- ministry of Construction planning and public utilities

AISO architecture

International Projects Consultory Co.

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