Monday, April 2, 2007


Oumou Sy

Born on the border of Mauritania and Senegal, Sy is said to have liked the feel of fabrics that she often played with in childhood before her interest veered to joining, stitching and sewing pieces of fabrics together.Sy has made up her own model label, Made in Africa, and expresses her versatility in the creative textile and jewelry designs she produces.

Oumou Sy is known not only for her fantastic and lavishly produced fashion events but also for the combination of Haute Couture with social and economic involvement.

Due to the lack of opportunity of gaining access to African fashion design and prêt-à-porter fashion, the African consumers follow the European fashions. Many make use of the second-hand goods from old clothes collections which flood the African markets. By setting up her own model label Made in Africa Oumou Sy is creating the possibility of local consumption of African fashions. This is why she is committed to introducing the industrial mass production of African prêt-à-porter fashion which can be offered at affordable prices in Africa.

Senegal and her mother taught her that dressing well is a sign of respect to others. “Every body is a creation of God,” Oumou Sy says. “Every body, every face, is beautiful. It is my job to ensure that the value of all that shines through.”

She also directs theatre and designs costumes for film despite her lack of formal education. Her collections are showcased at international fashion shows in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.Senegal’s best known musical ambassadors—Youssou N’Dour and Baaba Maal—wear her designs.

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Oumou Sy Fashion Cat Walk 1
Oumou Sy Fashion Cat Walk 2
Oumou Sy Fashion Cat Walk 3
Oumou Sy Fashion Cat Walk 5
Oumou Sy Fashion Cat Walk 6


Man of people said...

Every time I drop here , the topics and pictures put reflect their detailed accompanying story.

By the way, can you amend the title as it shows that posted Wedn 4, April. I do not think there is a place in this world which has more than 24hours time difference man.

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Thanks man of people for reverting back to me with the date error. The date has been ammended. I am still new to this IT stuff in blogs. I move the dates around when I am drafting and layering out the final order of the postings. Otherwise, I am glad you like the materials I post on the blog. I enjoy working on the blog and I have learnt alot about a continent I thought I knew much about. Keep visiting for more information on motherland Africa.


MTANZANIA. said...

Liz Mbago!
Thank you very much for the information of our continent. No one who is responsible to write about good things found in Africa rather than we Africans. Western media will always keep on reporting our continent negatively.
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Thanx Liz!I agree with Mtanzania above.


Simon and Mtanzania, Thank you for your comments and I am truly humbled by your words of encouragement.

Mzidi Kunitembelea.


suerte said...

Thank you for posting photos of this gorgeous design. I am so in love with every creation of Oumou Sy. As for me is one of the most inspiring designers ever.

Sabira said...

Thank you for posting this - gorgeous dresses, gorgeous women!